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A proven method that can be followed, step by step, with
simplicity and ease to restore your collector car! Your
perfect A-Z guide to help you through the entire
restoration process, from engine repair to bodywork and
learning how you can present your car in the best
possible way to guarantee a trophy at the next car show!

Don‘t begin that car restoration project
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Here are some of the topics that this book covers in specific detail.


  1. * How to set up your workspace for maximum productivity and safety, what tools you will need, what chemicals you will need and how to avoid complaints from your neighbors.
  2. * How to make sure that you pick and buy the RIGHT car for a restoration, the kind of car that will be easiest to restore and will be worth at least double the restoration budget in the end. What kinds of things to look for, what to avoid and how to perform a thorough inspection of the car before buying.
  3. * How to decide what type of restoration is right for you and is best for the car. Should you do a frame off restoration? Should you go custom? What must be done and what can you get away with?
  4. * How to perform the most original restoration possible and be sure to keep all the numbers matching so that your car is always going to be worth what you have put into it and more.
  5. * How to perform a quality restoration fast and on a budget. How to stay organized and do it right the whole way through.
  6. * How to STOP all rust in it’s tracks permanently and keep it from coming back for as long as you own your classic car.
  7. * How to replace and align body panels with absolute precision to keep your car looking classy and original.
  8. * Tips and techniques for restoring paint jobs, how to touch up old ones and how to paint your car professionally or on a budget in your own home.
  9. * How you can go about doing the entire restoration process from A to Z!!
  10. * Tips and tricks for restoring and rebuilding engines and transmissions and where to look for factory numbers that match to your car.

This is going to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made…

  1. * How to restore and reupholster car interiors, seats and convertible tops.
  2. * Doing wiring on your car, what all needs to be replaces and how to avoid any related problems that may arise in the future.
  3. * Where to look for replacement parts, what parts are worth restoring and what is best to replace. Finding NOS (new old stock) parts vs correct era recreation parts or simply something that will fit and do the job.
  4. * Tips and tricks on your car’s glass. How to carefully remove or replace windshields, hot to line the weatherstripping and how to restore clarity to older glass.
  5. * How to restore your car’s brakes, driveline, and suspension without having to get all brand new parts and keep the car safe and preform modern safety upgrades.
  6. * Restoring chrome parts and bumpers, do it yourself vs outsourcing. How to restore a car’s woodgrain to it’s original gloss and shine.
  7. * This guide guarantees a smooth and successful restoration—at minimal costs! You’ll find COST SAVING tips in every chapter that will ensure you not wasting a single dollar where it can be saved!
  8. * What parts of the restoration you might want to outsource as you may not have the necessary equipment or experience to do it perfect such as boaring and balancing an engine.
  9. * How to do the best possible job on the bodywork of your car without having to spend thousands on shop hours.
  10. * It doesn’t get much simpler! No other how-to guide with give you all of these tools on restoring your classic car and having it look like new again!



Look. I admit, I am not the world’s absolute top expert on car restoration, I haven’t attended years of  auto mechanics classes or done any shop apprenticeships. I haven’t worked in a car factory or a restoration shop for half my life and in fact I wasn’t even on this planet when most of the cars I have worked on have been built. But I have done one thing that most of the “experts” never actually accomplish. And that is, I have restored several classic and muscle cars from start to finish entirely by myself. I have been successful at doing this for two reasons: one is that this is what I love to do and it brings me great pleasure, and two is that I believe that because I have no extensive theory training, there is nothing holding me back and stopping me from doing what I love to do. Look at it this way, if as a kid you got a big set of lego to play with and then right when you’re about to start your parents would tell you that you’re not allowed to play with it until you read all the instructions and then pass the test and a whole bunch of training. Would you really want to play with your lego? And even after you did all the training and tests, by then you probably wouldn’t have any excitement or urge left to play with the puzzle. Well it’s the same thing with cars, rather than wait around and do a whole bunch of tests I just jumped right in and started playing. I’ve been playing with this big boy lego since I was 17 and have never looked back. All the questions and problems I faced along the way I found the answers to either by pure perseverance, trial and error, advise from other car lovers or countless other books. All along the way, I have always wished that there was just one comprehensive guide, just one resource where I can go to and get all my questions answered in simple and understandable form. This is why I have been working on this book for the last year, and I must admit I did have a lot of help from real experts in the fields so as not to miss anything, but now I am proud to say that that one comprehensive resource finally exists and I hope it will give you that much needed help and guidance along the way of your classic car restoration!

If they can do it in ONE WEEK on TV Shows like Overhaulin and Pimp My Ride, Why Can’t YOU do it in a Couple Short Months?

Guess What? You CAN and You WILL! And it’s Been Done Before by Car Lovers Like YOU! All You Need Is some Proper Guidance and Good Organization and With the Help of This Book you Will Be Cruisin in No Time!


Restoring Your Collector Car Contains 19 Chapters with over 360 Pages of Illustrated tips and guides.

Yes, a team of highly skilled experts like in the shows on TV is hard to replace, but you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to really really want to bring your car to life and the right set of tools to guide you in the right direction and everything else will fall into place.

Just Imagine for a second what that classic car could look like when it’s all done up and shiny, how incredibly awesome it would make you FEEL to be sitting behind the wheel of that automobile.

Well guess what? The car has once been exactly like you imagined it, shiny, new and beautiful, the car has soul, you just need to resurrect it from it’s current condition and breathe fresh new life into it.

For some people, restoring a car is like putting a piece of yourself into it, putting a little piece of your energy and soul into that once beautiful ride and giving it a new life.


How Much Is Your Restoration Going To Cost? Several Thousands Just In Parts! You Simply Cannot Afford Not To Be Getting The Help And Money Saving Hints Inside This Book!

What People Are Saying!


‘Ever since I was a kid I saw my old man work on his old Chevrolet, I knew I wanted to carry on with the same when I grew up. I’m not a mechanic, and when I looked around for information online I came up with scratch which is when I decided to order a few books. To be honest, most of them were either too brief or too complicated but Restoring Your Collector Car was comprehensive AND easy to follow!!! Love it!’ — Justin, California 1969 Camaro



‘It has always been a dream of mine to restore a classic car with my own two hands. When I bought my 37 coupe from an old man down the street I realized how much I underestimated the entire process. It went on to sit in my garage for another two years until I got my hands on your book. It laid everything out in a precise easy to follow system. By the time summer came around I was driving my dream car!’ — Frank, Arizona 1937 Ford


This is truly the best HOW-TO guide for anyone who is trying to turn a deserted classic into a jaw dropping collector car that will have heads turning!

Restoring Your Collector Car breaks down the process into clear, fundamental steps and helps you reach that highly rewarding goal—restoring the car you always dreamed of owning! It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced car restorer or if you’re a firsttimer, aspiring to bring a classic dream car back to life—this is THE book for you! Full of up-to-date information on how to properly plan, organize and execute a restoration that will save you both TIME and MONEY and help ensure that you’ll end up with the car you envisioned! This great book is full with updated information for the Internet Age, “resto mod” ideas for adding aftermarket parts that make your old classic safer to drive, updates on the latest parts and trends, and so much more!!

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Your Classic Car Restoration Workbook

    1. * A Restoration is usually a Big project. You need to stay organized you need to stay focused. You need a workbook.
    2. * How do you expect to finish that thing by summer if you don’t have a battle plan? This work book will help you lay things out in an easy to follow manner so that you can set a deadline and stick to it!
    3. * Get your Priorities Straight! You need to know what MUST be done and what should be done, if you can lay it out in a nice organized manner it can speed up your restoration dramatically!
    4. * Budget, budget, budget. A rather vague and often surpassed term when it comes to restoring classic cars. Nevertheless, a very important step that shouldn’t be skipped. Once you know what parts and labor you need you can start making an estimate budget. You might want to add about 30% on top of what you come up with, but this is often the key to a successful and timely restoration.
    5. * Use this book to keep track of all your parts and things that you may still need to acquire for a smooth and quality restoration.

#2 $15.00 value – Yours FREE

Car Restoration 101: Choosing the Right Car

    1. * It’s all about the car! How do you find the car that’s right for you, and be sure that no matter what you never loose your investment money!
    2. * Information! How to do your research before you buy your car, is this a rare car, do the numbers match, it may be just another camaro, or it may be a yenko and be worth it’s weight in gold!
    3. * How to judge the car before you invest your time and money into it. Sometimes that old car rusting in your yard may be better used as a donor car rather than a ground up restoration project. Assess the damage and future costs well before jumping in.
    4. * Inspect, evaluate, get help and a second and even a third opinion, be serious, but not so serious that somebody else snags it up before you have the chance to go through it in detail,  find out how you can have car owners marching to the tune you set and settle for the price you negotiate. Sometimes a hundred dollar deposit will keep the competition away and give you all the time you need.
    5. * Use this guide to help you pick exactly the right car for you and get it for the best price possible without buying a lemon!

#3 $12.00 value – Yours FREE

Maintenance and Tweaks to Make to Your Classic Car

    1. * It can be important to keep your car as original as possible or it can be great fun to just make is as custom as you like, either way there are many things you can add to your car regardless of which route you take.
    2. * Maintenance! Why bother restoring a car if you’re not going to take good care of it after. Don’t let all your hard work slip away over a few years, find the best tips for taking care of your classic car here.
    3. * Want to add a little kick to your already bad muscle car? Find out what are some of the easiest things you can do designed to give your already powerful classic car that extra kick, without spending a fortune and sometimes without spending a cent!
    4. * Avoid all the most common recurring problems that can happen to newly restored cars within the first few years, find the precautions and solutions for the perfect upkeep of your baby!
    5. * Most times safety upgrades are acceptable additions to your classic car and do not hinder it’s authenticity, some basic tweaks can add safety and value to your car.

#4 $25.00 value – Yours FREE

Restoring A Classic Car For Resale

    1. * Whether you are a hobbyist, a mechanic or a businessman you must read this one. There is big money to be made in car restoration, especially if you know how to track down the right models. A Yenko Camaro, a convertible GTO Judge, 49 Mercury, any old Ferrari or Bugatti. People make a living on this, and a good one at that, why do you think there are so few pre 68 Corvette projects left? Its big business, and you can do it too! With the right tools that is.
    2. * If you could just restore one quality car a year, you could easily be making $60k in profit, that’s more than an average American job, now what if you could do 2 or 3? Imagine doing something you love and making great money with it, right out of your own garage!
    3. * Investments, that’s what classic cars essentially are, collectors are willing to pay big money for the right cars. This is the kind of business where if you buy the right project car you are almost guaranteed your restoration money back and usually with a good profit. If the car is 40+ years old, guess what? It’s not going down in price anymore! Ever! Only uphill from here.
    4. * How to value a classic car? The blue book value is one thing, but what are people actually willing to pay, plus with a classic car there are so many factors in regards to the condition of the car that no one value is exact. This booklet will help you assess the value of the car in a manner that will keep you and your wallet at rest.
    5. * A hundred point car value system in this booklet will help you evaluate  the car exactly right to assess it’s top price, then go back over the checklist make a few changes to the car, bring your it up a couple notches and now you’re looking at twice the green!

#5 $18.00 value – Yours FREE

Secrets of Winning a Classic Car Show

  1. * It’s all about presentation, this is the key to your first place trophy, and how exactly do you present your car in the best possible manner? This booklet will cover car show presentation from A-Z.
  2. * Get on the inside, take a walk in the judges shoes, better yet take their checklist and make your car shine on all points. It’s not cheating, it’s preparation and this booklet will prepare you with just that checklist.
  3. * Often it’s not the guy that spent $200 thousand on his restoration, or the guy that stuffed his car with all the performance parts, or even the guy that only drives his car once a year to the car show that takes the prize. It’s the guy that did his homework and prepared his car in exactly the right manner to smoke the competition. Get prepared to Win with the tips inside.
  4. * Know what category you’re after, you can’t win the custom and the original prize at the same time! Discover your car’s strengths and play them up, simple but true, use this guide for the right planning and practice your acceptance speech.
  5. * Oh yea, get a couple of trophies at your local car shows and it could be your car that sells for 2 million at the next Barrett-Jackson auction!

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  • #1 Restoring Your Classic Car – The ultimate, step by step restoration guide.
  • #2 Classic Car Restoration Workbook – Everything you need to stay organized and on time.
  • #3 Car Restoration 101 – Choosing the right car for your project.
  • #4 Maintenance and Tweaks – Taking care of your car and adding some upgrades.
  • #5 Restoring a Car for Resale – Make a living from a rewarding hobby!
  • #6 Secrets of Winning a Car Show – Beat the crowd with this car show secret weapon!

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